Lucy's Dog Grooming - Dog Grooming Salon

The Groomer

Hi i'm Lucy Vincent, and I am the Canine Beautician for Lucy's Dog Grooming. I have been working as a Dog groomer for almost nearly seven years and I Love what I do. I trained at the CUTZ4MUTZ Grooming Academy in Wales, where I gained My LANTRA Certificate in Professional Dog Grooming. 

In addition to this training I have also studied at Merrist Wood Agricultural College gaining a National Diploma in Animal Management and Husbandry. 

I have three dogs of my own called Winnie, Tilly and Artie. Winnie is a pug that is often in the salon for regular baths as she really likes running in muddy puddles. Tilly is a Cocker Spaniel who is often in the salon for a groom as she loves to be looking her best, and Artie is a Hungarian Vizsla that loves the occasional bath. 

I love my work as I know I am making a difference to a dogs quality of life, because a well groomed dog is a happy dog. Taking your dog to the local groomer has many benefits.  As well as your pet being tidied up, bathed and smelling sweeter, your groomer will have been able to check your dogs skin for any impurities, ticks, fleas, cuts, thorns, grass seeds. There are many things hidden in a dogs coat.  They will also check ears, some breeds need the hair plucked from within the ear as this can cause a blockage and wax build up which can lead to an ear infection.

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